USING PUBLIC TRANSPORT(the most common questions)


Where is the train station?

In the center of Bracciano , just 2 km from the campsite .

How is it possible to get there ?

Using the private bus-shuttle of the camping (ticket 1,00 €) , which brings you near the station in 10 minutes , every morning around 8.45 a.m., right in time to get the next train at 9,07 h. Different times of departure can be satisfied with our taxi-bus.

By foot,with a short walk by a steep path (fine path but a bit exhausting) , directly starting across the camping entrance (look at the map)

or by your own car, parking on one of the crowded parking spaces, who are indicated on the map; the parking in all the town is by payment and costs 0,50 €. by hour.

or by the public bus-shuttle of Bracciano , the ticket costs 0,80 Euro and it takes around 30 minutes to get in town (for the time table, follow this link)

The train time table

The train leaves every 30 minutes, and it is a kind of Metro: a fast service, which takes 50 minutes to reach the center of Rome, although the many stops in the city .The train has air conditioning, it runs each day included Sunday and Holidays and as well as does our camping bus . For the train time table , please click here !

Train photos

Which are the stops of the touristic city?

Station "Valle Aurelia" , connected by Metro-line A (Piazza di Spagna , Villa Borghese , Via Veneto ...)

Station "San Pietro" , 800 mt from Vatican

Station "Trastevere" where every Sunday morning there is the biggest open market of Italy

Station "Ostiense" , connected by Metro-line B (Colosseo, Fori Romani , Basilica S.Paolo ...), & terminal for Ancient Ostia & Leonardo da Vinci Airport (Fiumicino) .

Where can I buy the tickets?

At the reception which is open from 8.45 a.m. till 9.00 p.m.               The ticket has no date on it, so you have to validate it at the station. Tickets are either available at the “ Tabacchi “ shop or at the train stations .

How much costs the ticket?

It costs 8,00 euro , it is a day ticket ( the name is BIRG ) valid to use the train from Bracciano to Rome and also for the return , and it is valid as well for the metro and busses in Rome, always regarding the date printed of the first use.


Untill to the age of 10 years, children travel for free in all public transports inside Rome; instead the train is free untill the age of 4 years , and untill the age of 12 years the tickets cost 50 % less and is convenient for children under 10 years or till 12 years if they don't use metro or busses in the City. This special train ticket has to be bought directly at the station, because it is not available at the reception.

It is also allowed to bring dogs: on your arms if they are small, or by the leash and muzzle in case they are big; and naturally with their own ticket that costs like a ticket for a child.

How to use the ticket?                                                                         After arriving at the train station, please look for the print machine and insert the ticket in to it, to get an official date on the ticket and you have also to write your name on the ticket
After dating the ticket you have to show it only if it is required by a controller.

So , the BIRG ticket is valid for all public transports in Rome?
Yes : in the geographical area, which includes Rome and surrounding until Bracciano, that ticket for 8,00 €./day is valid for all the public transports. These are the exclusions :


By train,

from each station, which we have mentioned before of the line “Rome-Bracciano”
and then from Bracciano to the campsite

by foot: with an easy walk downhill to the lake, it takes around 20 minutes.Better to avoid when is dark, because the path is a white road and there is not electrical light.

Or with the urban busservice of Bracciano; the busses are departing from Piazza Pasqualetti or from Piazza Dante, one turn costs 0,80 Euro;
tickets are available at reception or in Bracciano at newspaper-kiosk or at tabacchi shops. The bus takes around 20 minutes to the campsite (click here to watch the time table).

Our service taxi-bus, with the following rules:

By request we can pick you at Bracciano-centre for the charge of € 7,00 including 4 persons , and € 1,00  for any extra person. This service by request has to be asked the morning at departure.The meeting point will be not exactly the train station; more details at reception.
In case of changes of time you can call us at 0699803060 or 3487379357

Here you find the time table with departure from Rome

Other usefull info:Tickets for more the one day:

BTR. A Birg for three consecutive days costs 22,00 euro.

CIRS. A Birg for a week, starting on Monday until Sunday, costs 34,50 euro.

Both, the BTR and the CIRS tickets must be bought at the train station.

Solution car & train :

It's easy to get the periphery of Rome by car ; It's not so difficult to find a parking spot at Cesano (20 km from the campsite and to get the train there). At Cesano it is possible to get a ticket called BIG which is valid for a smaller geographically area and costs 6.00 Euro.

... Going directly to the center of Rome by car ?

We don't give you the advise to do it ; but , if you decide in this way , you can ask usefull information at the reception . MORE INFO

Thank you for your attention

Update 20/12/2019

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