How to get to Rome by car:

First of all we would like to inform you that there are certain risks in going to Rome by car.
As Rome is a big city, naturally the are the disadvantages of a big city, like trouble finding a
parkingplace (also because a great part of Rome is reserved just for residents), have
enough coins for the payment, finding back your car without damage when you parked outside,
etc., etc.
And finally, if you are not used driving in a big city, don't.

However, if you want to go by car, there are two easy ways to get to Rome. The first will
take you very near the old centre and the second near to the Vatican city.

From the campsite you turn to the left and drive until you'll end up at a curve in the road.
There you turn right <Roma>. Just across the railway you turn left <Roma>.
Now you'll drive through the towns of Osteria Nuova and La Storta. Thereafter you'll end up
at a junction where you turn right <Roma>.
Now you will go through the suburbs of Rome until you see the big white marble bridge
called "Ponte Flaminio". This very old bridge can be recognised easily by it's statues on both
sides of the bridge. Cross the bridge and you are on the "Corso di Francia". At the end turn right on to the "Viale Maresciallo". On the square "P. le Ankara" you turn left on to the "Viale Tiziano". At the end of this road you turn right and left again. You are now on the "Via Flaminia".
At the end of this road you will end up on the "Piazzale Flaminio". Here you turn left on to the "Viale del Muro Torto". The entrance of the underground parking is in this street and is called "Parcheggio Villa Borghese".
Just across the entrance of the underground parking there is a metrostation.

From the campsite you turn to the left and take the first big road to your right <Bracciano>.
Follow this road (also the strong curve). At the end turn left <Roma>. Now you'll end up at the
trafficlights. Here you go straight ahead <Cerveteri>.
After about 10 km. you turn left to "Ceri". Now you follow the signs "SS1 AURELIA". At the
end of the road you turn left <Roma> and now you're on the "Via Aurelia".
Follow this road until you see the signs "Città del Vaticano".
If you keep following the signs, at a certain time you will constantly see a big wall at your
right (the wall of the Vatican city). At certain intervals in the wall there is the possibility to
park your car for free, however unprotected.
When you follow the road to the end you will end up in front of the St. Pietro.